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Fun on the Rope Park relies on moving along tracks that have been stretched between trees. We have a number of obstacles at our disposition: rope bridges, drunk ropes, swaying beams, zip lines, balancing beams, cobwebs, moving footbridges, catwalks and many more.

There are three routes in the Park, so everyone will find something for themselves. Safety on the Rope Park is ensured by professional equipment (harness with lounges, a pulley and a climbing helmet), in which each participant is equipped by an instructor. Before starting, each of the clients is familiarized with the rules of safe movement around the Park and then examined by the Instructor in order to verify skills and eliminate mistakes. Such a process allows all participants of the attractions to move around the Park tracks independently. The Rope Park Instructor watches over the safety and correctness of the passage.

We have extensive experience in our work, we have been delivering unforgettable experiences since 2008. There are three routes in the Barbarka Rope Park: blue, pink and green.

from 120 cm

    • Suspended at about 5 m
    • Takes about 20 min
    • 7 obstacles
    • 1 zip line
    • The blue track is our shortest track, but it does not mean that it is not a challenge.It is available for people from 120 cm tall. The blue track is a good place for you, if it is your first time at the rope park, if you want to overcome your fears or just want to warm up before the next track 😉

from 140 cm

    • Suspended at about 7 m
    • Takes about 25 min
    • 14 obstacles
    • 1 zip line (the longest on our Park)
    • The pink track is the newest one. It requires less strength than others, but you need a sense of balance. Its colour does not mean that it is easy or “girlish”. It has the longest zip line – 40 meters long! For all fearless people over 140 cm tall.

from 160 cm

    • Suspended at about 9 m
    • Takes about 35 min
    • 17 obstacles
    • 2 zip lines
    • If you are over 160 cm tall and are not afraid of challenges at heights, try the green track! Some obstacles will be known to you from the blue track, but they are slightly… larger. There are two zip lines. The green track is very demanding, TRIANGLES are especially notorious! 😉

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