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Przysiecka Street 13, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 727 645 380
e-mail: kontakt@parklinowy.com

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Approach by car

Possible approach from centre of Toruń – route 553 towards Unisław – Szosa Chełmińska (towards Wrzosy). Beyond Toruń towards Unisław (about 1km), then turn right into Przysiecka Street (sign Barbarka) – 1,5 km straight.

GPS: 53° 3′ 13.51″, +18° 32′ 27.78″

Approach by bus

Buses number 12, 16, 18, 27 and 31 arrive to the bus terminus of Wrzosy I. Now, just a short walk through the forest on Pawia Street. The distance to the park is approx. 3 km. Some courses of line 31 (whole week) and 27 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) are extended directly to the Leśna Polana in Barbarka.

Bus lines to Barbarka

Direct approach to Osada Leśna
L- extended course to the Osada Leśna in Barbarka
Line 27 Check timetable for line 27
Line 31 Check timetable for line 31
Approach to the bus terminus of Wrzosy I
Line 12 Check timetable for line 12
Line 16 Check timetable for line 16
Line 18 Check timetable for line 18

Approach by bike

There is a special place to park bicycels near the Barbarka Rope Park.
Possible routes:
  • Next to the bus terminus of Wrzosy I, along the Szosa Chełmińska street, there is a bicycle path. You can choose a route through the forest (Pawia Street) or go straight along the bike path, along Chełmińska road (about 2km). Then turn left into Przysiecka Street (asphalt road without a bike path) – approx. 1.5 km straight road.
  • The Barbarka cycle path beyond Szosa Okrężna street, towards Polna street. There is a left turn into a path. About 3.3 km by the forest path.

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