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How to book a visit in the Rope Park?

The booking system is dedicated for groups of over 10 people.

The easiest way to book is to call the Park Instructor at 727-645-380. Reservations can also be made by e-mail at: kontakt@parklinowy.com or by sending a message on Facebook – Park Linowy Barbarka, and personally directly to the Park’s Instructor.

Sunday and public holidays are not subject to reservation.

To reserve a date a deposit payment is required.

All information can be found in the For groups tab.

Dla grup.

What courses are available at Barbarka Rope Park?

Rope Park offers 4 courses.
The blue course is mainly intended for children with a minimum height of 120 cm.It consists of 7 obstacles including one zip line.
The pink course is prepared for people with a minimum height of 140 cm. It consists of 14 obstacles, including 1, but the longest zip line in the Park.
The green course is designed for people with a minimum height of 140 cm and consists of 17 obstacles, including 2 zip lines.
The yellow course is designed for people with a minimum height of 160 cm and consists of 17 obstacles, including 3 zip lines.

Among the obstacles you will find movable footbridges, swaying beams, drunken bridges, spiderwebs, rope bridges and many other attractions.

A more detailed description of the routes can be found in the About tab.

How to prepare for the Rope Park?

The passage of the rope park does not require specialized preparation 🙂
However, you should remember about the right footwear (covered shoes on a flat sole are recommended). In addition, you should have a comfortable outfit that does not limit movement (trousers or shorts of appropriate length to prevent possible skin chafing by the safety harness).
During the passage through the Rope Park it is worth to use bicycle gloves.


How to get to the Barbarka Rope Park?

Possible approach from centre of Toruń – route 553 towards Unisław – Szosa Chełmińska (towards Wrzosy). Beyond Toruń towards Unisław (about 1km), then turn right into Przysiecka Street (sign Barbarka) – 1,5 km straight.

Geographical coordinates – +53° 3′ 13.51″, +18° 32′ 27.78″

Bus – Buses number 12, 16, 18, 27 and 31 arrive to the bus terminus of Wrzosy I. Now, just a short walk through the forest on Pawia Street. The distance to the park is approx. 3 km. Some courses of line 31 (whole week) and 27 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) are extended directly to the Leśna Polana in Barbarka. (MZK timetable)

Bicycle – Next to the bus terminus of Wrzosy I, along the Szosa Chełmińska street, there is a bicycle path. You can choose a road through the forest (Pawia Street) or go straight along the bike path, along Chełmińska’s road (about 2km). Then turn left into Przysiecka Street (asphalt road without a bike path) – approx. 1.5 km straight road.

More informations here.

Are there any parking places?

Yes, the Osada Leśna Barbarka, near which the Rope Park is located, has free parking for both cars and buses.


Is it safe to use the Rope Park?

The Barbarka rope park was built in accordance with PN-EN 15567-2 PL by a professional company with extensive experience in the construction of similar structures. In addition, the park has been awarded the Safe Rope Park Certificate (Bezpieczny Park).

We only use certified products that fill the relevant EU standards, such companies as: PETZL, FiXE, CAMP, SINGING ROCK, CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY, BEAL. We lay great store on equipment control processes using the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance.

The highest quality of safety is complemented by perfectly and thoroughly trained instructors who (in addition to professional training in safe movement around the park) supervise the safety of participants.

We provide the highest standard of safety!

Does the weather affect the use of the Rope Park?

The only threat that unconditionally excludes the use of the Rope Park are storms.All other atmospheric conditions do not cause any danger, they can only affect comfort during the passages (frost, rain, wind).

Who can use the Rope Park?

What is the minimum height for a child?

Children, to be able to use the Rope Park, must be 6 years old and minimum 120 cm tall.

Can a parent pass a track with a child?

Parents or guardians can go on the same track as children, but remembering the rule that there may be only one person on the obstacle.Guardians are often very helpful after the zip line, when the children forget to catch the loop 🙂 The blue and pink routes are adapted for children with a height of about 120 and 140 cm, people much higher must take into account the possibility of hitting obstacles when falling due to the height of insurance rope.

Are there any contraindications to use the Rope Park?

People with cardiovascular diseases and diseases in which physical exercise is inadvisable should not use the Rope Park.

Other places near the Rope Park

Gastronomic point

There is a small shop in Leśniczówka, where you can buy sweets and instant soups. Near Rope Park there is a small bistro Leśna Chatka, which is opened only during the weekends. Barbecue stands are prepared on the upper glade and grates can be rented in Leśniczówka.In the Rope Park you can buy water and fruit drinks.

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